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Beaumaris Castle

Location: Anglesey, Beaumaris
Region: Wales

Postcode: LL58 8AP

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Beaumaris Castle: Medieval Mastery on Anglesey's Shores. Step into history, witness architectural genius, and embrace the timeless allure of Wales's unfinished gem.

Visitor Information: Beaumaris Castle

  • Beaumaris Castle

    Nestled on the Isle of Anglesey, overlooking the serene Menai Strait, the Beaumaris Castle stands as a testament to the grandeur of medieval engineering and the ambitions of English monarchs. Commissioned by Edward I as part of his campaign to conquer North Wales, this castle is a paragon of 13th-century military architecture.

    Historical Background: Edward I’s determination to subdue Wales led to the construction of several fortresses, famously known as the “Iron Ring” of castles. Beaumaris, initiated in 1295, was the last of these fortifications, designed by the famed Master James of St. George, the king’s chief architect. However, despite its grand plans and substantial resources, the castle remains “unfinished” due to political distractions and a shortage of funds.

    Architectural Marvel: Beaumaris Castle is often hailed as the most technically perfect castle in Britain. Its concentric design, with an outer ring of defences sheltering the inner walls, was cutting-edge for its time. With a moat linked to the sea, ensuring that the castle could be resupplied at any time, and its 16 towers and two massive gatehouses, it was a formidable defensive structure.

    A UNESCO World Heritage Site: In recognition of its historical and architectural significance, Beaumaris, along with other Edwardian castles, was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1986. This accolade not only celebrates the castle’s past but also ensures its preservation for future generations.

    Visiting Beaumaris Today: Modern visitors to Beaumaris can explore the sprawling grounds, walk atop the ancient walls, and appreciate panoramic views of Snowdonia and the Menai Strait. Interactive exhibits provide insights into medieval life, and re-enactment events bring history to life.

    Local Attractions: Beaumaris is not just about the castle. The town, with its Victorian pier, delightful boutiques, and seafood restaurants, offers a quaint charm. Nearby, boat tours give visitors the chance to explore Puffin Island and its diverse birdlife.

    Beaumaris Castle, with its blend of historical gravitas and architectural prowess, offers a fascinating journey into the past. An emblem of medieval ambition and artistry, this Anglesey jewel remains an essential pilgrimage for history buffs and casual visitors alike.

  • Highlights
    Not to be missed when visiting

    Perfect Symmetry: Admire the castle’s almost perfect concentric design, a testament to the architectural vision of the era.

    Moat and Gatehouses: The broad moat and impressive gatehouses are prime examples of medieval fortification.

    Stunning Views: From the top, capture panoramic views of the Menai Strait and Snowdonia.

    Inner and Outer Ward: The distinct separation showcasing impressive walls, towers, and turrets.

    The “Unfinished” Work: Notice the parts that remain incomplete, giving the castle its unique character.

    Historical Exhibits: Dive into the history of the castle and its significance in Welsh history.

    Chapel Tower: A serene space showcasing medieval spirituality.

    Gun Emplacements: Explore the well-preserved gunner placements used during sieges.

    Walking Tours: Join guided tours to gain insights into the castle’s storied past.


  • Where is Beaumaris Castle located?

    Beaumaris Castle is situated in the town of Beaumaris on the Isle of Anglesey, Wales.

  • When was Beaumaris Castle built?

    Construction began in 1295 and, while the castle is famously “unfinished,” most of its construction occurred in the first few years.

  • Who designed Beaumaris Castle?

    The castle was designed by Master James of St. George, a renowned military architect, under the commission of King Edward I.

  • Why is Beaumaris Castle called "the most technically perfect" castle?

    Its concentric design with an outer ring of defences housing a formidable inner ward and its balanced proportions make it an architectural marvel of medieval military architecture.

  • Is there parking available at the castle?

    Yes, there is a visitor parking area nearby, though it may get busy during peak tourist season.

  • Are there any facilities or amenities at the castle?

    Yes, there are restrooms, a gift shop, and often stalls with refreshments, especially during special events.

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