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Location: Chessington
Region: London

Postcode: KT9 2NE

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Discover Thrills and Wildlife: Your Ultimate Guide to Chessington World of Adventures – Adventure Awaits for Families and Thrill-Seekers Alike!

Visitor Information: Chessington World of Adventures

  • Chessington World of Adventures

    Located in Surrey, just a short journey from London, Chessington World of Adventures is a unique blend of theme park and zoo, designed to cater to a wide audience, including thrill-seekers, families, and wildlife enthusiasts. This article aims to offer an informative guide on what to expect when visiting Chessington World of Adventures, focusing on ticket information, the range of attractions available, and useful tips to enhance your visit.

    Tickets for Chessington World of Adventures

    To visit Chessington World of Adventures, it’s highly advisable to purchase tickets in advance online. This not only secures your entry on your chosen date but often allows you to benefit from lower prices than those available at the gate. The park offers several ticket options to fit various needs and budgets, including single-day tickets, season passes for those who plan multiple visits, and group discounts. Keep an eye on the official website for occasional promotions that can offer additional savings.

    Exploring the Park

    Chessington World of Adventures is divided into several themed areas, each hosting rides and attractions that promise excitement and entertainment for all age groups. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect:

    • Thrill Rides: For adrenaline enthusiasts, rides like the Vampire and Dragon’s Fury offer high-speed turns and exhilarating drops.
    • Family-Friendly Attractions: The park also caters to younger guests with rides such as the Gruffalo River Ride Adventure, ensuring fun for the entire family.
    • Zoo and Sea Life Centre: Beyond the rides, Chessington boasts a significant zoo and aquarium. With over 1,000 animals, visitors have the chance to see and learn about wildlife from around the globe, making the visit both fun and educational.

    Visitor Tips

    Maximise your visit to Chessington World of Adventures with the following advice:

    • Arrive Early: Getting to the park early can help you beat the queues for popular attractions, allowing you to make the most of your day.
    • Advance Tickets: Booking your tickets online not only saves money but also secures your spot, especially during peak seasons.
    • Dining Options: The park offers a variety of dining choices to suit all tastes, from quick snacks to sit-down meals. Exploring what’s available beforehand can help you plan meal times around your day.
    • Stay Over: For those who wish to extend their adventure, Chessington offers themed hotel accommodations, such as the Safari and Azteca hotels, which provide unique overnight experiences and easy access to the park.


    Chessington World of Adventures stands out as a versatile attraction within the UK, providing a rich mix of thrill rides, family entertainment, and educational animal exhibits. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush, a fun family outing, or a chance to learn more about exotic animals, Chessington delivers. Purchasing tickets ahead of time, planning your visit, and taking advantage of the wide range of experiences on offer will ensure a memorable visit for visitors of all ages.

  • Highlights
    Not to be missed when visiting

    Vampire Roller Coaster: A family-friendly suspended coaster that glides through the treetops of the Transylvania section.

    Dragon’s Fury: A spinning roller coaster that offers a thrilling ride with unexpected turns and spins.

    The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure: A water ride based on the popular children’s book “The Gruffalo,” taking guests on a journey through the deep dark wood.

    Zufari: Ride into Africa: An off-road truck adventure offering close encounters with animals such as rhinos, giraffes, and zebras in a safari setting.

    Tiger Rock: An exhilarating log flume ride that passes through a tiger enclosure, offering a unique view of these majestic animals.

    Scorpion Express: A family coaster set in a Wild West town, suitable for younger thrill-seekers.

    Room on the Broom – A Magical Journey: An interactive walk-through attraction based on another book by Julia Donaldson, offering a magical adventure for young visitors.

    SEA LIFE Centre: A marine life exhibit within the park that showcases a variety of aquatic creatures, including sharks, rays, and jellyfish.

    Trail of the Kings: A walkthrough experience where guests can see lions, tigers, gorillas, and other animals up close.

    Penguin Bay: An exhibit where visitors can watch playful penguins in their naturalistic habitat.


  • Where can I buy tickets for Chessington World of Adventures?

    Tickets can be purchased online through our website or the official Chessington World of Adventures website or at the gate upon arrival, although online purchase is recommended for better deals and to ensure entry.

  • What are the opening times for Chessington World of Adventures?

    Opening times for 2024 vary throughout the season, typically from 10:00 AM to 17:00/18:00 dependant on the season. Check the official website for specific dates.

  • Is parking available at Chessington World of Adventures?

    Yes, there is ample parking. A daily parking fee applies, which can be paid in advance or on arrival.

  • Can I bring my own food into Chessington World of Adventures?

    Guests are welcome to bring their own food, though certain areas are designated for picnicking and not all locations allow outside food.

  • Does Chessington World of Adventures have accommodations for overnight stays?

    Yes, Chessington offers themed hotel accommodations, including the Safari Hotel and the Azteca Hotel, with special package deals available.

  • What other attractions are nearby Chessington World of Adventures?

    Nearby attractions include Hampton Court Palace, Kew Gardens, and Richmond Park, offering a mix of historical, natural, and leisure activities within a short driving distance.

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