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Churchill War Rooms

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Location: Westminster
Region: London

Postcode: SW1A 2AQ

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Explore the heart of wartime Britain at Churchill War Rooms. Immerse yourself in history and trace the footsteps of Winston Churchill in this unique and unforgettable journey through time.

Visitor Information: Churchill War Rooms

  • Churchill War Rooms

    Nestled in the heart of London, a journey into the Churchill War Rooms takes you back to some of the most crucial moments of the 20th century. This historic site is more than just a museum – it’s a step into the secret world of wartime Britain.

    Hidden Depths of History: The Churchill War Rooms, part of the Imperial War Museums, were the underground nerve centre where Sir Winston Churchill and his inner circle directed the Second World War. Hidden beneath the bustling streets of Westminster, these rooms remain in the same condition as they were left in 1945, untouched and brimming with artefacts of an era marked by resilience and strategical genius.

    The Cabinet War Rooms: The tour of the premises begins with the Cabinet War Rooms. These labyrinthine rooms were hastily converted into workspaces for vital strategic planning against the backdrop of war. Explore the Map Room, where officers charted the war’s progress night and day, and the Cabinet Room, where Churchill made decisions that would affect the world’s history.

    Churchill’s Living Quarters: The site also hosts Churchill’s living quarters. Here, you can take a peek into the personal life of the statesman – see his bedroom, which was also a makeshift office, his wife Clementine’s bedroom, and his personal dining room. Each of these spaces provide intimate insights into the daily life of the prime minister during the war.

    Churchill Museum: The visit wouldn’t be complete without the Churchill Museum. This is the first museum dedicated to the life of the ‘British Bulldog’, tracing his life from childhood to his two terms as prime minister. It’s packed with personal artefacts, including his art and letters, engaging multimedia presentations, and extracts from his rousing wartime speeches.

    A visit to the Churchill War Rooms is an immersive journey through history, allowing us to trace the footsteps of Churchill and his contemporaries, giving visitors a unique perspective into the past. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply interested in learning more about Britain’s past, this site serves as a compelling testament to the spirit of a nation during its darkest hours.

  • Highlights
    Not to be missed when visiting

    The Cabinet Room: This room is left exactly as it was during the final cabinet meeting of World War II, on 28 March 1945. It’s a striking scene, complete with ashtrays, maps and even the sugar cubes.

    The Map Room: This is where the war was strategically planned and is still filled with wartime telephones, color-coded maps and other authentic touches.

    Churchill’s Bedroom: You’ll see where Churchill took his famous afternoon naps and occasionally spent the night during dangerous times.

    The Transatlantic Telephone Room: Discover the disguised lavatory where Churchill held top-secret conversations with President Roosevelt.

    Churchill Museum: The world’s first museum dedicated to the life and legacy of Winston Churchill, it houses over 1,000 objects including his Nobel Prize for Literature.

    Audio Guide: An engaging audio guide, filled with rich stories and accounts from those who worked in the war rooms.

    Interactive Exhibits: A variety of interactive displays that engage visitors in learning about Churchill’s life, strategies, victories, and defeats.

    The Lifeline: An interactive timeline, 15-meters long, providing a detailed account of Churchill’s life and political career.


  • What are the Churchill War Rooms?

    The Churchill War Rooms is a museum in London dedicated to the period of World War II when Winston Churchill and his cabinet strategized and planned. The museum includes preserved cabinet rooms, an extensive Churchill museum, and various interactive exhibits.

  • Where are the Churchill War Rooms located?

    The Churchill War Rooms are located in the Clive Steps at King Charles Street in Westminster, London.

  • How can I get tickets to the Churchill War Rooms?

    Tickets can be purchased online or at the museum’s entrance. It’s recommended to book online in advance to ensure entry.
    Check availability and book tickets here.

  • Is there an audio guide available?

    Yes, the museum provides an engaging audio guide which is included in the admission price.

  • Are there any facilities for disabled visitors?

    Yes, the Churchill War Rooms are fully accessible to visitors with mobility impairments. There is also an induction loop for visitors with hearing impairments.

  • How much time should I allocate for a visit?

    You should plan to spend at least 1.5 to 2 hours to fully experience all that the Churchill War Rooms has to offer.

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