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Gauntlet Birds of Prey

Location: Knutsford
Region: North West

Postcode: WA16 0SX

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Dive into the world of raptors at Gauntlet Birds of Prey, Cheshire's premier avian sanctuary. Witness eagles soar, falcons dive, and owls mystify in a setting that champions conservation, education, and awe-inspiring interactions. Explore this feathered realm and discover the captivating tales of these sky-bound hunters.

Visitor Information: Gauntlet Birds of Prey

  • Gauntlet Birds of Prey

    Gauntlet Birds of Prey, nestled in Knutsford, Cheshire, is a vibrant sanctuary and an avian enthusiast’s dream. Home to a diverse range of raptors, from majestic eagles to nimble falcons and mysterious owls, the centre serves as both an educational hub and a conservation facility.

    Daily flying demonstrations allow visitors to witness these magnificent birds in action, showcasing their natural behaviours and incredible hunting skills. The centre is also committed to rehabilitation, conservation, and breeding projects, ensuring that these remarkable species thrive and are appreciated by generations to come.

    Interactive experiences, educational sessions, and hands-on encounters make a visit to Gauntlet both enlightening and memorable.

    Did you know? Gauntlet Birds of Prey is one of the largest dedicated bird of prey centres in the UK, housing over 120 birds from over 46 different species.

  • Highlights
    Not to be missed when visiting

    Flying Demonstrations: Marvel at daily shows where birds of prey showcase their impressive flying skills and natural hunting behaviours.

    Vulture Conservation: Explore the dedicated vulture aviaries and learn about Gauntlet’s crucial role in vulture conservation and breeding programs.

    Meet and Greet: Enjoy personal, hands-on encounters with some of the centre’s most friendly and charismatic birds.

    Educational Sessions: Dive deep into the world of raptors with interactive and informative sessions conducted by avian experts.

    Bird Photography Days: Capture stunning images during special photography events, offering close-up opportunities with the birds.

    Breeding Projects: Discover the centre’s efforts in breeding rare and endangered species, ensuring their survival and propagation.

    Owl Encounters: Spend time with these mysterious and mesmerising nocturnal hunters, learning about their unique traits and habits.

    Bird Handling Experiences: Take the chance to hold, feed, and learn about various birds of prey under expert guidance.

    Gift Shop: Bring home a piece of your experience with unique souvenirs, including books, crafts, and raptor-themed merchandise.

    Picnic Areas: Enjoy a tranquil meal amidst nature, with areas designated for visitors to relax and soak in the surroundings.

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