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Housesteads Roman Fort

Location: Hexham
Region: North East

Postcode: NE47 6NN

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Housesteads Roman Fort, an iconic vestige of Hadrian's Wall, transports visitors to the heart of Roman Britain. Perched on Whin Sill escarpment, this ancient garrison offers a vivid tableau of military life, blending centuries-old history with the rugged beauty of the Northumberland landscape.

Visitor Information: Housesteads Roman Fort

  • Housesteads Roman Fort

    Perched high on a dramatic escarpment, Housesteads Roman Fort is one of the most iconic and well-preserved remnants of Hadrian’s Wall. This ancient military stronghold offers a vivid glimpse into Roman Britain, providing an immersive journey into a frontier life that once defined the edge of the Roman Empire.

    Historical Overview: Constructed around AD 124, just a few years after the commencement of Hadrian’s Wall, Housesteads (or ‘Vercovicium’ as it was known) served as a vital fortification and garrison. Strategically positioned, it housed nearly 800 Roman soldiers and stood as a testament to the empire’s strength and reach.

    Architectural Splendours: Walking through Housesteads, visitors can trace the outlines of the granaries, barracks, hospital, and even the latrines – all evidence of a self-sufficient military community. The fort’s layout, with its defensive gateways and strong walls, showcases the precision and engineering prowess of Roman architects.

    The Museum: Housesteads boasts an on-site museum, which is a trove of archaeological finds. From intricately designed Roman jewellery to weapons and everyday tools, the artefacts narrate tales of both the soldiers who guarded the fort and the civilians who lived alongside them.

    Commanding Views: Positioned atop Whin Sill escarpment, the fort offers panoramic views of the surrounding Northumberland countryside. This strategic placement not only provided a military advantage but also allows modern-day visitors to appreciate the breath-taking beauty of the landscape.

    Hadrian’s Wall: Housesteads offers an ideal vantage point to explore more of Hadrian’s Wall, the colossal defensive work ordered by Emperor Hadrian. Stroll along parts of the wall, feel its rugged stones, and imagine the life of a Roman legionary on this northern frontier.

    Housesteads Roman Fort is not merely an archaeological relic; it is a portal to another era. As the winds whisper ancient tales and the walls echo with the footsteps of Roman soldiers, a visit to this sentinel of Hadrian’s Wall promises both awe and deep reflection on the annals of time.

  • Highlights
    Not to be missed when visiting

    Fort Ruins: Explore the well-preserved remnants of barracks, granaries, and hospital.

    Strategic Location: Admire the panoramic views of Northumberland from atop the Whin Sill escarpment.

    On-Site Museum: Discover a collection of fascinating Roman artefacts unearthed from the fort.

    Latrines: Witness the best-preserved Roman latrines in Britain.

    Defensive Gateways: Explore the fortified entrances that once controlled access to the fort.

    Interactive Displays: Immerse yourself in the daily life of Roman soldiers through reconstructions and simulations.

    Hadrian’s Wall Walk: Stroll along sections of the ancient defensive barrier, feeling its age-old stones underfoot.

    Informative Plaques: Read detailed descriptions at key points, offering insights into the fort’s history and architecture.

    Guided Tours: Opt for expert-led tours, providing deeper historical context and anecdotes.

    Local Flora and Fauna: While engrossed in history, also appreciate the rich biodiversity of the surrounding countryside.

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