Location: Great Yarmouth

Postcode: NR30 2DL

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Experience the magic of a bygone era at Joyland - Great Yarmouth's iconic amusement park on the Golden Mile.

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  • Joyland

    Located on the famous Golden Mile in Great Yarmouth, Joyland is a classic British seaside amusement park that’s been delighting visitors for generations. This charming park is perfect for families with young children, with a range of rides and attractions that are sure to provide hours of entertainment.

    One of the highlights of Joyland is its iconic Snails ride, a gentle and whimsical ride that’s been thrilling children since 1949. The ride takes visitors on a slow and meandering journey through a colourful world of giant snails and other charming creatures.

    Another popular attraction at Joyland is the Tyrolean Tubs, a thrilling ride that takes visitors soaring high above the park in tub-shaped cars that rotate as they travel. This ride is perfect for older children and adults looking for a bit of excitement.

    Other popular rides at Joyland include the fun-filled Jolly Roger pirate ship, the Jumping Jesters bouncy castle, and the charmingly retro Noah’s Ark ride. There’s also a range of classic arcade games and penny slot machines that are perfect for all ages.

    One of the best things about Joyland is its affordable prices, with rides and attractions available for as little as 50p each. There’s also a range of on-site eateries and snack stands where visitors can enjoy traditional seaside treats like candy floss and ice cream.

    Overall, a visit to Joyland is a must-do experience for anyone visiting Great Yarmouth. So why not plan your visit today and relive the timeless fun and nostalgia of this classic British amusement park?

    Don’t forget to explore the rest of the Golden Mile while you’re there, and take in the stunning seaside views that Great Yarmouth is famous for.

  • Highlights
    Not to be missed when visiting

    Snails and Fairy Tales: A ride that takes you through a magical and whimsical garden.

    Tyrolean Tub Twist: A fun spinning ride suitable for all ages.

    Spook Express Kiddie Coaster: A gentle roller coaster that is great for young children and families.

    Jet Cars: Race around the track in these colorful cars, perfect for kids who love speed.

    Balloon Wheel: Enjoy the view of the park from the heights of this charming Ferris wheel.

    Pirate Ship: Join the adventure on the high seas with this exhilarating ride.

    Major Orbit: Take a spin on this ride that will leave you dizzy with excitement.

    Snail Race: A chance for kids to have fun on these snail-shaped rides.

    Space Raiders: This space-themed ride is a must for young astronauts.

    Joyland Diner: After all the fun, grab a bite to eat at the 50’s American style diner with a British twist, offering everything from burgers to ice cream.


  • Is there an entry fee for Joyland?

    Joyland operates on a token system for the rides, which can be purchased at the park. There’s no general admission fee to enter the park itself.

  • Is the park wheelchair accessible?

    Yes, the park is wheelchair accessible, but not all rides may be suitable for people with mobility issues.

  • Is there parking available at Joyland?

    There is no official parking for Joyland. Visitors are advised to use the public car parks in Great Yarmouth.

  • Can we bring our own food and drinks into Joyland?

    Yes, you can bring your own food and drinks, but there is also a diner available serving a variety of meals and snacks.

  • Are there restroom facilities available?

    Yes, restrooms are available for visitors in the park.

  • What other attractions are nearby?

    There are a number of attractions in and around Great Yarmouth that visitors can enjoy:

    Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach: This is an amusement park featuring a variety of fun-filled rides suitable for all ages. It’s also home to one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in the UK.

    Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre: This popular attraction offers a chance to come face to face with a multitude of sea creatures from sharks and penguins to seahorses and tropical fish.

    The Norfolk Broads: This network of rivers and lakes is a haven for wildlife and offers beautiful scenery. You can hire a boat, go on a guided tour, or simply walk along the footpaths and enjoy the view.

    Merrivale Model Village: This charming attraction features beautifully created models of buildings, landscapes, and railways.

    The Tolhouse Museum: One of the oldest prisons in the country, it’s now a museum telling the story of crime and punishment in Great Yarmouth.

    Great Yarmouth’s Golden Mile: This famous stretch of beach is lined with amusement arcades, restaurants, and bars. It’s also the place to be for traditional seaside fun such as donkey rides and building sandcastles.

    Hippodrome Circus: Britain’s only surviving total circus building, offering spectacular shows throughout the year.

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