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Laurel & Hardy Museum

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Journey into the world of slapstick comedy at the Laurel & Hardy Museum in Ulverston. A homage to Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, this unique museum immerses visitors in the duo's comedic genius. From rare artifacts to classic film screenings, step back in time to relive laughter's golden age.

Visitor Information: Laurel & Hardy Museum

  • Laurel & Hardy Museum

    The Laurel & Hardy Museum, located in Ulverston, Cumbria, stands as a tribute to one of cinema’s most beloved comedy duos: Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

    Housed in the town where Stan Laurel was born, the museum offers an intimate journey through their illustrious careers. Visitors can delve into a vast collection of memorabilia, including personal letters, photographs, and rare film footage.

    The cinema room screens classic Laurel & Hardy films, allowing fans old and new to relish in the timeless humour.

    Packed with artefacts and interactive displays, this museum ensures that the legacy of this comedic pair endures, celebrating their contribution to the world of entertainment.

    Did you know? Stan Laurel was born not just in the same town as the museum’s location, Ulverston, but actually just a few streets away, solidifying the town’s unique connection to the comedy legend.

  • Highlights
    Not to be missed when visiting

    Personal Memorabilia: View a curated collection of personal items, including letters, scripts, and wardrobe pieces from the iconic duo.

    Classic Film Screenings: Enjoy the timeless comedy of Laurel & Hardy in the museum’s dedicated cinema room, which regularly showcases their most memorable films.

    Interactive Exhibits: Engage with displays that dive into the lives and careers of Stan and Ollie, offering a behind-the-scenes look at their legendary partnership.

    Birthplace Proximity: Visit the nearby birthplace of Stan Laurel, deepening your connection to the comedy legend and his roots.

    Rare Photographs: Explore a vast photographic archive capturing the duo’s professional journey and personal moments.

    Gift Shop: Pick up unique souvenirs, from vintage posters to DVDs, ensuring you can continue the laughter at home.

    Fan Letters: Delve into heartfelt letters from fans worldwide, showcasing the global impact of their comedic genius.

    Timeline Wall: Trace the evolution of Laurel & Hardy’s career, from their early days in silent films to their lasting impact on comedy.

    Local Stories: Hear tales from Ulverston residents who remember the comedic duo, adding a personal touch to their legacy.


  • Where is the Laurel & Hardy Museum located?

    The museum is situated in Ulverston, Cumbria, which is also Stan Laurel’s birthplace.

  • How long does a typical visit to the museum take?

    Visitors typically spend between 1.5 to 3 hours exploring the museum, though film screenings can extend the visit.

  • Can I watch any Laurel & Hardy films during my visit?

    Yes, the museum has a dedicated cinema room where classic films are regularly screened for visitors.

  • Are there facilities for differently-abled visitors?

    The museum is wheelchair accessible, and staff members are always on hand to assist with any special requirements.

  • Is there a place to buy souvenirs or memorabilia?

    Yes, the museum boasts a gift shop where visitors can purchase a range of souvenirs, DVDs, books, and other memorabilia.

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    Lake District National Park: Ulverston serves as a gateway to the southern Lake District, with popular spots like Windermere and Coniston Water within easy reach.

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