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Location: Regents Park
Region: London

Postcode: NW1 4RY

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Discover the wild side of London at London Zoo - where conservation meets excitement!

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  • London Zoo

    London Zoo is a fantastic attraction for visitors of all ages, offering a chance to see some of the world’s most fascinating animals up close. With over 20,000 animals from over 800 species, there’s plenty to see and learn about at this historic zoo.

    Located in Regent’s Park, London Zoo was founded in 1828 and is one of the oldest and most popular zoos in the world. The zoo has been dedicated to the conservation of animals and their habitats since its inception, making it a great place to learn about animal conservation efforts and the importance of protecting endangered species.

    One of the main highlights of the zoo is its numerous animal exhibits, including the Land of the Lions, Tiger Territory, Penguin Beach, and the Gorilla Kingdom. Visitors can also explore the Rainforest Life exhibit, where they can see some of the Amazon’s most exotic creatures, including sloths, marmosets, and tamarins.

    In addition to its animal exhibits, London Zoo also offers a variety of experiences and activities for visitors. These include behind-the-scenes tours, animal encounters, and even the opportunity to become a zookeeper for a day. Visitors can also attend informative talks and watch animal feedings, which provide a unique insight into the lives of the zoo’s residents.

    London Zoo is also home to a number of important conservation projects. These include the breeding of endangered species, such as the Sumatran tiger, and the protection of habitats in the wild. The zoo’s conservation work is supported by its charitable arm, the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), which aims to protect wildlife and their habitats around the world.

    For families with young children, London Zoo is a great day out. The zoo offers a range of children’s activities, including face painting, animal-themed crafts, and interactive exhibits. There are also plenty of play areas, including the Animal Adventure children’s zoo, where kids can get up close to a range of domestic animals.

    Overall, visiting London Zoo is an excellent way to spend a day in the capital, especially for animal lovers and families with young children. With so much to see and do, and with the opportunity to learn about conservation and animal welfare, it’s a great attraction for anyone looking to experience the wonders of the animal kingdom.

  • Highlights
    Not to be missed when visiting

    Land of the Lions: This exhibit, which opened in 2016, allows you to get closer than ever to mighty Asiatic lions.

    Tiger Territory: Home to the Zoo’s Sumatran tigers, this innovative exhibit has been designed with the specific needs of tigers in mind.

    Penguin Beach: London’s largest penguin pool houses a colony of Humboldt penguins with a stunning underwater viewing area.

    Butterfly Paradise: Walk among hundreds of beautiful butterflies and moths from around the world.

    The Reptile House: This is where you’ll find a variety of reptiles, including snakes, lizards, and crocodiles. It’s also famous for being featured in the first Harry Potter film.

    Gir Lion Lodge: A unique experience where you can actually stay overnight at the zoo.

    Rainforest Life and Nightlife: This indoor exhibit represents the rainforest environment where you can see various rainforest species. The Nightlife area, kept in darkness during the day to reverse the animals’ nocturnal schedule, has aardvarks, bats, and other creatures of the night.

    The Aquarium: One of the oldest in the world, it houses a wide range of fish species from around the globe.

    Meet the Monkeys: Here you can walk through an enclosure with no boundaries between you and the monkeys.

    In with the Lemurs: Walk on a path through the Madagascan shrub forest where lemurs will be leaping, climbing and lounging all around you.


  • Can I buy tickets at the gate?

    Yes, tickets can be purchased at the gate, but it’s cheaper to buy them in advance online.

    Check availability and book tickets for London Zoo here.

  • What are the opening hours of London Zoo?

    The opening hours vary throughout the year. Generally, the zoo is open from 10:00 am with closing times ranging from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm depending on the season. Please check the official website for the most accurate timings.

  • Is London Zoo wheelchair accessible?

    Yes, most of the Zoo is accessible to wheelchair users. There are also a limited number of wheelchairs available for hire at the entrance.

  • Is there parking available at London Zoo?

    There is a car park but space is very limited, so public transport is recommended.

  • Are there any guided tours available?

    Yes, there are daily public keeper talks at no extra cost. Private tours can be booked for an additional fee.

  • What other attractions are nearby?

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    Primrose Hill: Located on the northern side of Regent’s Park, Primrose Hill offers some of the best views of the London skyline.

    Camden Market: A bustling, eclectic market known for its variety of food stalls, vintage clothing, and unique souvenirs. It’s a great place to explore and shop.

    Madame Tussauds: The famous wax museum, featuring realistic wax figures of celebrities, historic figures, and more, is located nearby.

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    Regent’s Canal: This historic waterway offers scenic walks, boat rides, and waterside cafes. You can even walk along it to reach the trendy area of King’s Cross.

    The British Museum: Just a short tube ride away, this world-class museum houses millions of works from all over the world and throughout history.

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