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National Motorcycle Museum

Location: Solihull
Region: The Midlands

Postcode: B92 0EJ

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The National Motorcycle Museum in the UK offers an unparalleled dive into British motorcycling's rich tapestry. Home to over 1,000 iconic motorcycles, it beautifully chronicles the evolution, craftsmanship, and passion that have fuelled the industry for over a century.

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  • National Motorcycle Museum

    For motorbike enthusiasts, historians, and casual observers alike, the National Motorcycle Museum in the UK offers an unrivalled journey into the world of British motorcycling. Housing an extensive collection of iconic machines, the museum narrates the story of the British motorcycle industry, its evolution, and the passion that has kept its wheels turning for over a century.

    A Repository of Motorcycle Majesty: Located near Birmingham, the National Motorcycle Museum is the largest of its kind in the world. It boasts a collection of over 1,000 motorcycles, showcasing the craftsmanship, design, and innovation that has defined the British motorcycle industry since its inception.

    A Journey through Time: The museum’s exhibits span the length and breadth of motorcycle history. From the earliest pioneering models of the late 19th century to the superbikes of the modern era, visitors can trace the technological advancements, design shifts, and cultural impacts of these two-wheeled marvels. Notable brands like Triumph, BSA, Norton, and Royal Enfield find their stories intricately woven into the museum’s narrative.

    Restoration at Its Best: One of the defining features of the National Motorcycle Museum is its commitment to restoration. The museum prides itself on bringing vintage and classic bikes back to their original glory. Expert technicians and craftsmen, employing a blend of traditional techniques and modern tools, ensure that each motorcycle is meticulously restored, often sourcing authentic parts or recreating them from scratch.

    Educational Programs and Events: Beyond its static displays, the museum is a hub for educational initiatives. Regular workshops, lectures, and interactive sessions allow visitors to delve deeper into the world of motorcycling, from understanding the mechanics to appreciating the cultural significance of the motorcycle in British society.

    Moreover, the museum hosts a range of events throughout the year, including classic bike shows, trade fairs, and motorcycle rallies, drawing enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.

    A Venue Beyond Bikes: The National Motorcycle Museum is not just about bikes. It also offers conference and event facilities, making it a popular venue for corporate events, weddings, and other special occasions. Its unique setting provides a backdrop that is both historical and distinctively modern.

    The National Motorcycle Museum stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of the British motorcycle industry and the enthusiasts who have kept its legacy alive. It’s not just a collection of bikes but a living archive that celebrates the union of man and machine, innovation, and passion. Whether you’re a dedicated motorhead or a curious visitor, the museum promises a ride through time that is both enlightening and exhilarating.

  • Highlights
    Not to be missed when visiting

    Vast Collection: Over 1,000 motorcycles, representing the pinnacle of British motorcycle design and innovation.

    Historical Timeline: Exhibits spanning from pioneering late 19th-century models to contemporary superbikes.

    Iconic Brands: Showcases of legendary names like Triumph, BSA, Norton, and Royal Enfield.

    Meticulous Restoration: A dedicated wing where classic bikes are returned to their original splendor using authentic parts and techniques.

    Educational Initiatives: Workshops, lectures, and interactive sessions that delve deep into motorcycle mechanics and history.

    Year-Round Events: Classic bike shows, trade fairs, and rallies that draw global enthusiasts.

    Unique Venue: Conference and event facilities set against a backdrop of motorcycle heritage.

    Interactive Displays: Engaging exhibits that provide hands-on understanding and appreciation of motorcycle technology.

    Cultural Impact: Sections dedicated to understanding the societal and cultural significance of motorcycles in British history.

    Souvenir Shop: A specialized store offering memorabilia, literature, and unique motorcycle-related products for enthusiasts.

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