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National Waterways Museum Ellesmere Port

Location: Ellesmere Port
Region: North West

Postcode: CH65 4FW

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Dive into Britain's rich waterway legacy at the National Waterways Museum in Ellesmere Port. This historic site, with its vast collection of canal boats and interactive exhibits, offers an unparalleled journey through the nation's industrious past, celebrating the intricate network of rivers and canals that once powered its heartbeat.

Visitor Information: National Waterways Museum Ellesmere Port

  • National Waterways Museum Ellesmere Port

    The National Waterways Museum in Ellesmere Port stands as a testament to Britain’s rich canal and river history. Housed within a beautifully restored 19th-century dock complex, the museum offers visitors an immersive journey through the country’s waterway heritage.

    Spread across seven acres, the site boasts an impressive collection of historic boats, interactive exhibits, and engaging workshops. It paints a vivid picture of the industrious lives led by the people who worked on the waterways and highlights the technological advancements that revolutionised transport.

    Beyond the exhibits, the museum’s picturesque setting—with its intertwining waterways, historic buildings, and operational lock system—offers a tranquil escape. Regular boat trips, hands-on activities for children, and seasonal events further enhance the visitor experience.

    The National Waterways Museum isn’t just a museum; it’s a celebration of the pivotal role waterways played in shaping the nation’s industrial past.


    Did you know?

    The National Waterways Museum at Ellesmere Port is home to the world’s largest collection of historic canal boats, offering a unique glimpse into the vital role that waterways played in Britain’s industrial past.

  • Highlights
    Not to be missed when visiting

    Historic Boat Collection: Marvel at the world’s largest assemblage of floating canal boats, each with its own story of service and survival.

    Interactive Exhibits: Engage with hands-on displays that bring to life the history of Britain’s waterways.

    Operational Lock System: Witness the workings of a fully operational lock system, showcasing the engineering marvels of yesteryears.

    Restored Dock Buildings: Wander through beautifully preserved dock buildings that echo the hustle and bustle of their industrial prime.

    Regular Boat Trips: Embark on guided boat tours that traverse the intertwining waterways, offering a sailor’s perspective of the museum.

    Educational Workshops: Dive deep into waterway heritage with specialized workshops and events suitable for all ages.

    Picturesque Waterside Setting: Relax in the serene environment of the museum, where waterways crisscross amid historic structures.

    Seasonal Events: Participate in a variety of events, from traditional boat gatherings to family fun days, held throughout the year.

    Canal-side Café: Refuel and relax with delightful refreshments overlooking the tranquil waters.

    Museum Shop: Take home a piece of waterway history with souvenirs and educational materials available for purchase.

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