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Region: North East

Postcode: TD15 1SZ

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Paxton House, located in Northumberland, is a splendid Georgian mansion offering a glimpse into 18th-century elegance. Designed by John Adam, it reveals the affluent lifestyle of the Home family through its lavish interiors, extensive art collections, and lush landscapes. Visitors can explore historical rooms, enjoy serene natural beauty, and partake in engaging activities, all while absorbing the rich heritage that permeates through the walls of this grand estate.

Visitor Information: Paxton House

  • Paxton House

    Paxton House, a striking example of Georgian architecture, sits majestically near the banks of the River Tweed in Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland. Designed by John Adam in 1758, this historical gem unfolds the fascinating tales of the Home family while embracing visitors with its sumptuous interiors, eclectic collection of art and antiques, and serene landscapes.

    Historical Magnificence: Paxton House serves as a repository of bygone elegance, showcasing a myriad of rooms adorned with opulent furnishings and intricate detailing. Here, visitors can traverse through time, discovering the splendours of Georgian design and absorbing the rich history of the Home family. The house is a living testament to the evolving styles, tastes, and socio-political landscapes of the eras it has witnessed, offering an immersive experience in historical exploration.

    Artistic Exuberance: The house is home to a magnificent collection of art, including paintings, furniture, and decorative arts, reflecting the cultural affluence of its former inhabitants. Visitors can explore galleries adorned with works from renowned artists, marvel at the fine craftsmanship of Chippendale furniture, and appreciate the diverse array of decorative items, each piece narrating its unique story.

    Botanical Paradise: Paxton House is surrounded by exquisite gardens and woodlands, offering a peaceful retreat to nature lovers. The meticulously manicured lawns, vibrant floral arrangements, and expansive woodlands form a botanical tapestry that changes with the seasons. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll through the gardens, a tranquil boat ride on the River Tweed, or a quiet moment amidst the whispering leaves, the natural beauty of Paxton House is a source of endless delight.

    Culinary Indulgence: The Stables Tearoom at Paxton House invites visitors to indulge in delectable culinary offerings, from scrumptious pastries to hearty meals. The tearoom, with its warm ambiance and delightful menu, enhances the visit with flavours that cater to varied palates, making it a memorable part of the Paxton House experience.

    Paxton House, with its harmonious blend of architectural grace, historical richness, artistic brilliance, and natural splendour, stands as a multifaceted jewel in Northumberland. The house, beyond its physical beauty, is a space that resonates with the echoes of the past, whispers of artistic expressions, and the silent melodies of nature. A visit to Paxton House is not just a visual feast but a holistic experience that enthrals the senses, educates the mind, and soothes the soul, making it an unmissable destination for those exploring the region.

  • Highlights
    Not to be missed when visiting

    Georgian Architecture:

    Marvel at the exquisite Georgian design and detailing of Paxton House, created by the renowned architect, John Adam.

    Historical Interiors:

    Explore the sumptuous interiors, each room narrating the tales and lifestyles of the Home family and reflecting the socio-political landscapes of bygone eras.

    Art Collections:

    Discover a wealth of art, including paintings and decorative arts from renowned artists and an exquisite collection of Chippendale furniture.

    Botanical Gardens:

    Wander through the meticulously maintained gardens and expansive woodlands, experiencing a serene retreat into nature’s splendours.

    River Tweed Boat Rides:

    Enjoy tranquil boat rides on the River Tweed, absorbing the natural beauty and peace of the surrounding landscapes.

    Interactive Activities and Events:

    Participate in a range of activities designed for all ages, including workshops, treasure hunts, exhibitions, concerts, and lectures, each providing a unique learning experience.

    Stables Tearoom:

    Relish the delectable culinary offerings available at the Stables Tearoom, ranging from scrumptious pastries to hearty meals.

    Gift Shop:

    Browse through the gift shop to find an assortment of souvenirs, local crafts, and books, allowing you to take a piece of Paxton House home with you.


  • Can you tour the entire Paxton House?

    Most of the main rooms and galleries in Paxton House are open to the public, but some areas may be restricted due to conservation needs or private events.

  • Is Paxton House accessible to visitors with mobility issues?

    Yes, Paxton House offers accessible routes and facilities for visitors with mobility issues.

  • Are there guided tours available at Paxton House?

    Yes, guided tours are often available, offering insights into the history, architecture, and collections of the house.

  • Is there parking available at Paxton House?

    Yes, there is ample parking available on-site for visitors.

  • Can I host a private event at Paxton House?

    Yes, Paxton House does offer facilities for hosting private events, including weddings and conferences, subject to availability and terms.

  • Are there any dining facilities on-site?

    Yes, the Stables Tearoom at Paxton House provides a range of culinary delights, from light snacks to hearty meals.

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