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Penrhyn Castle

Location: Bangor
Region: Wales

Postcode: LL57 4HT

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Penrhyn Castle: Dive into neo-Gothic splendour, discover a rich tapestry of history, and wander lush gardens, all while uncovering the profound narratives of Britain's past. An unforgettable journey awaits.

Visitor Information: Penrhyn Castle

  • Penrhyn Castle

    Nestled between the dramatic landscapes of Snowdonia and the sparkling waters of the Menai Strait, Penrhyn Castle stands as a testament to the grandeur and opulence of the 19th century. With its imposing stone façade, elaborate interiors, and expansive gardens, Penrhyn Castle offers visitors a glimpse into a bygone era of luxury and privilege.

    Historical Background: Unlike many traditional medieval castles scattered throughout Wales, Penrhyn Castle is relatively modern. Constructed between 1820 and 1833, it was designed by architect Thomas Hopper for George Hay Dawkins-Pennant. The Pennant family made their wealth from Jamaican sugar and local Welsh slate quarries. The castle was a clear statement of their immense wealth and influence.

    Architectural Splendour: Penrhyn Castle is a masterpiece of neo-Gothic architecture. Its exterior boasts a series of towering turrets, battlements, and arrow-slits — features that mimic medieval fortresses but serve an aesthetic rather than a defensive purpose.

    Inside, the castle is a treasure trove of fine art, lavish furniture, and intricate woodwork. Notable rooms include the Grand Hall with its mesmerizing stone staircase, the Drawing Room with its stunning frescoes, and the elaborate Victorian kitchen.

    A Darker History: While Penrhyn Castle is undeniably beautiful, it’s essential to acknowledge its links to the dark history of slavery. The Pennant family’s wealth, which funded the construction of the castle, was derived from the forced labour of enslaved people in their Jamaican sugar plantations. Today, the National Trust, which manages the property, ensures that this aspect of the castle’s history is not forgotten, providing informative exhibits and resources for visitors.

    Gardens and Grounds: Beyond the castle itself, the surrounding gardens and grounds are a haven for nature lovers. Designed in the 19th century, the gardens are home to exotic plants, formal terraces, and serene ponds. The wider estate also includes lush woodlands, walking trails, and even a model railway, offering numerous outdoor activities for visitors of all ages.

    Penrhyn Castle is more than just a beautiful building. It’s a symbol of a complex historical period marked by both immense artistry and profound injustice. A visit promises not only an appreciation for its architectural wonders but also a deeper understanding of Britain’s colonial past. Whether you’re drawn to its history, its art, or its gardens, Penrhyn Castle promises a rich and enlightening experience.

  • Highlights
    Not to be missed when visiting

    Neo-Gothic Architecture: An imposing example of 19th-century neo-gothic architecture that transports visitors back to the grandeur of yesteryears.

    Historic Interiors: Rooms filled with intricate woodwork, lavish furnishings, and an extensive collection of paintings.

    Railway Museum: Showcasing the castle’s connection to the industrial age with a collection of vintage locomotives.

    The Doll Museum: Home to a delightful collection of antique dolls and toys.

    The Slate Bed: Uncover the history of the slate industry and Penrhyn’s connection to it.

    Walled Garden: A beautiful and serene garden, perfect for a peaceful stroll.

    The Bog Garden: A unique wetland area home to a variety of plants and wildlife.

    Adventure Playground: A haven for younger visitors to run, play, and explore.

    Breathtaking Views: Panoramic vistas of Snowdonia and the North Wales coastline from various points of the castle grounds.

    Victorian Kitchens: Step back in time and see the vast kitchens which once catered to the grand feasts and daily meals of the castle’s inhabitants.


  • What is the history of Penrhyn Castle?

    Penrhyn Castle is a 19th-century neo-gothic mansion built on the site of a medieval fortress and has ties to the slate industry and North Wales’ industrial past.

  • Can I take a guided tour of the castle?

    Yes, guided tours are usually available, providing in-depth knowledge about the castle’s history, architecture, and its former residents.

  • Are there any eating facilities on site?

    Absolutely! The castle boasts a tea-room where visitors can enjoy light refreshments, cakes, and hot drinks.

  • Can I bring my dog to Penrhyn Castle?

    Dogs are welcome in the castle’s grounds but must be kept on a lead. However, they aren’t allowed inside the castle buildings.

  • Is parking available at Penrhyn Castle?

    Yes, there’s a designated parking area for visitors. Members of the National Trust can park for free, while non-members might be charged a fee.

  • Are there any discounted tickets available?

    Members of the National Trust have free entry. For others, it’s advisable to check the castle’s official website or contact them directly for any ongoing promotions or group discounts.

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