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Science and Industry Museum

Location: Manchester
Region: North West

Postcode: M3 4JP

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Step into Manchester's epicentre of innovation at the Science and Industry Museum. Located on hallowed ground, the world's first railway warehouse, this museum celebrates the city's pioneering spirit. From vintage locomotives to ground-breaking technologies, delve into the narratives and novelties that have revolutionized our world. Prepare for an immersive exploration of science and progress.

Visitor Information: Science and Industry Museum

  • Science and Industry Museum

    The Science and Industry Museum in Manchester is a captivating journey into the world of science, technology, and industry.

    Housed in the historic buildings of the world’s oldest surviving passenger railway station, the museum showcases Manchester’s rich industrial legacy and its significant contributions to the scientific world. Visitors can explore a plethora of interactive exhibits spanning topics from the industrial revolution to cutting-edge scientific research.

    Highlights include the iconic locomotives, vintage aircraft, and an array of machinery that narrate the city’s storied history. Through hands-on demonstrations, workshops, and special events, the museum fosters a deep appreciation for the innovations that have shaped modern society.

    Did you know? The Science and Industry Museum is situated on the site of the world’s first railway warehouse and the terminus of the world’s first inter-city railway!

  • Highlights
    Not to be missed when visiting

    Historic Railways: Marvel at the iconic locomotives and delve into the history of the world’s first inter-city railway.

    Air and Space Hall: Explore an impressive collection of vintage aircraft and learn about the evolution of aviation.

    Power Hall: Witness the magnificent steam engines and machinery that powered the industrial revolution.

    Textiles Gallery: Understand Manchester’s textile heritage through looms, spinning frames, and a wealth of textile artefacts.

    Experiment! Gallery: A hands-on interactive zone where visitors of all ages can engage in fun science experiments.

    Special Exhibitions: Rotating displays that delve into contemporary scientific issues, technologies, and breakthroughs.

    3D Printing Demonstrations: Watch live demonstrations of 3D printing technology and its transformative potential.

    Historic Working Machinery: Experience operational demonstrations of the machinery that once drove the city’s industries.

    Innovator’s Gallery: Celebrate the visionaries and innovators from Manchester who made lasting impacts on global industries.


  • Where is the Science and Industry Museum located?

    The museum is located on Liverpool Road, Manchester, M3 4FP.

  • Is there an admission fee to enter the museum?

    Entry to the museum is free, although some special exhibitions and events might have a charge.

  • Is the museum family-friendly?

    Absolutely! The museum offers a range of interactive exhibits, workshops, and activities designed for visitors of all ages.

  • Is the museum accessible for wheelchair users and visitors with special needs?

    Yes, the museum is fully accessible with lifts, ramps, and adapted toilets. Wheelchairs are also available to borrow.

  • Are there dining facilities at the museum?

    Yes, there’s a café on-site offering a range of refreshments, meals, and snacks.

  • Can I purchase souvenirs or educational materials?

    Absolutely, the museum shop offers a variety of souvenirs, educational toys, books, and more.

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