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South Lakes Safari Zoo

Region: North West

Postcode: LA12 0LU

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Step into the wonders of South Lakes Safari Zoo, where the wilderness of the world awaits in Cumbria's heart. Experience the thrill of free-roaming animals, discover rare species, and journey through thoughtfully crafted habitats. Beyond mere observation, here, you'll dive deep into global conservation efforts and the majestic dance of nature.

Visitor Information: South Lakes Safari Zoo

  • South Lakes Safari Zoo

    South Lakes Safari Zoo, nestled in Cumbria’s scenic landscapes, offers an immersive experience into the world of exotic wildlife.

    This innovative zoo, spanning over 51 acres, champions a unique approach where many animals roam freely, providing visitors with the opportunity to get up close and personal with species from around the globe.

    From kangaroos hopping beside pathways to free-flying birds overhead, it’s a truly interactive experience. The zoo is home to a myriad of animals, including big cats, primates, and rare birds.

    Each habitat is thoughtfully designed to replicate natural environments, ensuring the animals’ well-being while educating visitors about wildlife conservation.

    Did you know?

    South Lakes Safari Zoo is heavily involved in global conservation efforts, having supported over 40 conservation projects and contributed to the protection of 750,000 hectares of vital wildlife habitat globally.

  • Highlights
    Not to be missed when visiting

    Free-Roaming Animals: Experience the unique thrill of kangaroos, lemurs, and other creatures roaming freely around the zoo.

    Big Cat Encounters: Marvel at the majesty of tigers, lions, and cheetahs in expansive habitats.

    Exotic Bird Display: Witness free-flying birds from around the world showcasing their aerial prowess in live displays.

    Interactive Feeding Times: Participate in scheduled feeding sessions, learning about animal diets and behaviours.

    Conservation Efforts: Dive into the zoo’s dedicated conservation projects, understanding the importance of wildlife protection.

    Educational Workshops: Attend informative sessions that delve into animal habits, characteristics, and the ecosystems they inhabit.

    Adventure Play Area: Let the little ones burn off energy in the themed play zones, designed to entertain and educate.

    Rare Species Showcase: Discover animals you may never have heard of, emphasizing the diversity of our planet.

    Picturesque Landscapes: The zoo, set in Cumbria’s beautiful surroundings, offers panoramic views and scenic spots perfect for relaxation.

    Themed Events: Throughout the year, the zoo hosts special events, from Halloween haunts to festive celebrations, enhancing the visitor experience.

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