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South Stack Lighthouse

Location: Anglesey, Holyhead
Region: Wales

Postcode: LL65 1YH

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South Stack Lighthouse: Experience maritime history, engineering marvels, and nature's splendour, all atop Holy Island's breath-taking cliffs. Wales's iconic beacon awaits, where land, sea, and heritage converge.

Visitor Information: South Stack Lighthouse

  • South Stack Lighthouse

    Nestled on a small island off the north-west coast of Holy Island in Anglesey, Wales, the South Stack Lighthouse has been a beacon of safety, guiding mariners since its inception in 1809. With its dramatic backdrop of steep cliffs and panoramic ocean views, this lighthouse is not only functional but also an iconic symbol of Wales’s maritime history and the rugged beauty of its coastline.

    Historical Overview: Built by Daniel Alexander, the South Stack Lighthouse was designed to warn ships of the treacherous rocks lying beneath the surface. Given the challenge of its location – atop a small islet separated from the mainland – the lighthouse was a marvel of engineering for its time.

    For over two centuries, it has weathered storms, and technological innovations, yet its primary purpose has remained unchanged: to guide and protect.

    Visiting the Lighthouse: One of the main attractions for visitors to the South Stack Lighthouse is the descent down the 400 steps to the footbridge (and then back up again!), which offers a thrilling perspective of the lighthouse and a chance to appreciate the engineering marvel it truly is. The bridge leads to the island where, for a small fee, visitors can enter the lighthouse.

    Inside, exhibits detail the history of the lighthouse, the lives of its keepers, and the technical evolution of its machinery and lighting systems. The climb to the top is rewarded with breath-taking views of the Irish Sea and the Welsh coastline, making it a photographer’s paradise.

    Flora and Fauna: Beyond its maritime significance, the cliffs surrounding the South Stack Lighthouse are of great interest to both botanists and birdwatchers. They are home to a variety of seabirds, including puffins, guillemots, and razorbills. The unique rock formations and maritime climate have given rise to a rich variety of plants, some of which are found nowhere else on Earth.

    Visitor Information: The lighthouse is open to the public between April and September. However, due to its popularity and the limited space inside, it’s always a good idea to check opening times and any visitor restrictions before setting out.

    For those unable to make the trek down (and up!) the 400 steps, the RSPB visitor centre located near the top of the cliffs provides telescopes and exhibits about the local wildlife.

    The South Stack Lighthouse stands as a testament to human ingenuity and the profound relationship between the Welsh people and the sea. It offers a blend of history, technology, natural beauty, and adventure, making it a must-visit for anyone traveling to Holy Island. Whether you’re drawn by its history, the stunning views, or the diverse birdlife, South Stack promises a memorable experience.

  • Highlights
    Not to be missed when visiting

    Historic Lighthouse: Discover the 200-year-old iconic lighthouse, standing majestically on a small island.

    Spectacular Cliff Views: Get panoramic views of the Irish Sea, dramatic cliffs, and nearby coastal features.

    Steep Descent: Traverse the 400 steps leading down to the lighthouse, a feat that offers both challenge and reward.

    Bird Watching: Witness various seabirds, especially during breeding seasons, including puffins, guillemots, and razorbills.

    Visitor Centre: Learn about the history and significance of the lighthouse through interactive displays.

    Guided Tours: Take a guided tour inside the lighthouse, learning about its mechanisms, history, and the life of a lighthouse keeper.

    Ellin’s Tower Seabird Centre: A RSPB observatory providing excellent birdwatching opportunities and information.

    Sunset Vistas: Stay till dusk for one of the most enchanting sunsets over the sea.

    Nature Trails: Explore the surrounding area’s flora and fauna, including some endemic species.

    Gift Shop: Purchase souvenirs, maritime-themed gifts, and local crafts.


  • Where is the South Stack Lighthouse located?

    The lighthouse is situated on South Stack Island, off the northwest coast of Holy Island, Anglesey, Wales.

  • Can visitors enter the lighthouse?

    Yes, visitors can enter the lighthouse through guided tours, which provide insight into its history and operations.

  • How do I get to the lighthouse?

    The lighthouse is accessed by descending 400 steps down the steep mainland cliffs.

    Due to the historic nature of the site and the steep steps, it may not be suitable for those with mobility issues.

  • Is there parking available?

    Yes, there’s a dedicated parking area near the site, but it can get busy during peak times.

  • Are there facilities for bird watching?

    Absolutely! Ellin’s Tower Seabird Centre, run by the RSPB, offers excellent birdwatching opportunities, especially during breeding seasons.

  • How long should I plan for my visit?

    A visit can last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, depending on whether you’re taking a guided tour, birdwatching, or exploring the surrounding nature trails.

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