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The Burrell Collection

Location: Glasgow
Region: Scotland

Postcode: G43 1AT

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The Burrell Collection is more than just a museum; it is a vibrant cultural institution that celebrates the enduring beauty and diversity of human creativity. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a returning admirer, the collection offers a rich tapestry of art and history that captivates and educates.

Visitor Information: The Burrell Collection

  • The Burrell Collection

    Nestled within the tranquil Pollok Country Park, the Burrell Collection stands as a testament to one man’s passion for art and history. This remarkable museum in Glasgow, Scotland, is home to over 9,000 objects collected by Sir William Burrell, a wealthy shipping magnate and philanthropist. In 1944, Burrell generously donated his vast and eclectic collection to the city of Glasgow, along with a substantial endowment for a museum to house it. After decades of planning and construction, the museum opened its doors in 1983, offering a unique cultural treasure to the public.

    The Collection’s Diverse Treasures
    The Burrell Collection is celebrated for its astonishing diversity, encompassing everything from ancient civilizations to medieval European art, and from Chinese porcelain to Islamic art. Visitors can marvel at ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman artefacts, including exquisite vases, mosaics, and sculptures that transport you back in time. The collection’s medieval European section boasts stained glass, tapestries, and arms and armour, providing a window into the craftsmanship and daily life of the Middle Ages.

    One of the highlights is the collection of works by major French artists, including Edgar Degas, Édouard Manet, and Auguste Rodin, showcasing Burrell’s keen eye for European art. The museum also houses a significant collection of Chinese art, including ceramics, jade, and bronze pieces that span centuries, reflecting China’s rich artistic heritage.

    A Visit to Remember
    A visit to the Burrell Collection is as much about the experience of the space as it is about the artefacts it houses. The museum’s design, a blend of modern and traditional architecture, allows natural light to flood its galleries, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. As you wander through the spacious halls and intimate rooms, the collection unfolds in a way that is both educational and personal, inviting reflection and discovery.

    Surrounded by the lush Pollok Country Park, the museum offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of Glasgow’s city centre. Visitors can combine their cultural exploration with a stroll through the park’s woodlands, making for a perfect day out for families, art lovers, and history enthusiasts alike.

    Engaging with the Collection
    The Burrell Collection is committed to engaging visitors with its exhibits through innovative displays, interactive sessions, and educational programs. Special exhibitions and events throughout the year offer fresh perspectives on the collection and provide insights into the historical and cultural contexts of the artefacts.

    For those unable to visit in person, the museum offers virtual tours and online collections, making its treasures accessible to a global audience. This digital engagement ensures that the Burrell Collection continues to inspire and educate, even from afar.

    The Burrell Collection is more than just a museum; it is a vibrant cultural institution that celebrates the enduring beauty and diversity of human creativity. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a returning admirer, the collection offers a rich tapestry of art and history that captivates and educates. In the heart of Glasgow, the Burrell Collection stands as a lasting legacy of Sir William Burrell’s vision and generosity, inviting all to explore the wonders of the world through its remarkable assemblage.

  • Highlights
    Not to be missed when visiting

    Medieval Art and Artefacts: The collection includes an impressive array of medieval European art, featuring stained glass, tapestries, and religious sculptures. These pieces provide insight into the craftsmanship and aesthetic sensibilities of the Middle Ages.

    Ancient Civilizations: Artefacts from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome are prominent within the collection, including sculptures, pottery, and jewelry. These items offer a glimpse into the daily lives, religious practices, and artistic achievements of ancient cultures.

    Chinese Art: Sir William Burrell collected an extensive array of Chinese art, including porcelain, jade, and bronze pieces. The collection spans several dynasties, showcasing the evolution of Chinese art and craftsmanship over centuries.

    Islamic Art: The collection also features Islamic art, including ceramics, textiles, and metalwork from various regions and periods. These pieces highlight the rich artistic traditions and cultural exchanges within the Islamic world.

    French Impressionism: Art enthusiasts will appreciate the collection’s works by French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artists, such as Edgar Degas and Édouard Manet. These paintings and sculptures reflect the revolutionary approaches to color, light, and subject matter that defined the movement.

    Works by Rodin: The collection includes sculptures by Auguste Rodin, one of the most renowned sculptors of the 19th and early 20th centuries. His works in the collection are emblematic of his innovative approach to capturing human emotion and form.

    Arms and Armor: The Burrell Collection houses an array of European arms and armor, providing a fascinating look at the design, function, and craftsmanship of historical weaponry and protective gear.

    Ship Models and Maritime Art: Reflecting Sir William Burrell’s background in shipping, the collection contains intricate ship models and maritime art, highlighting the importance of sea travel and trade in history.

    Architectural Elements: The museum itself incorporates architectural elements from historical buildings, creating a unique environment that complements the artifacts on display. This includes stained glass windows and stone carvings that are integrated into the museum’s design.

    Natural Setting: Located in Pollok Country Park, the museum’s setting adds to its appeal, allowing visitors to enjoy art and nature simultaneously. The park environment enriches the experience, making a visit to the Burrell Collection a holistic cultural and recreational outing.


  • What is the Burrell Collection?

    The Burrell Collection is a museum in Glasgow, Scotland, housing over 9,000 objects collected by Sir William Burrell. It includes a wide range of art and artefacts, from ancient to modern times, across various cultures.

  • Where is the Burrell Collection located?

    It’s located in Pollok Country Park, about 3 miles south of Glasgow’s city centre. The address is 2060 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow.

  • What are the opening hours?

    The museum typically opens from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Tuesday to Sunday. However, hours may vary on holidays or for special events, so it’s best to check the official website before visiting.

  • Is there an admission fee?

    No, admission to the Burrell Collection is free. Some special exhibitions or events may have a fee.

  • Is the Burrell Collection accessible for visitors with disabilities?

    Yes, the museum is accessible for visitors with disabilities, offering wheelchair access, accessible toilets, and parking. Please check the website or contact the museum directly for specific accessibility inquiries.

  • What attractions are nearby?

    Visitors to the Burrell Collection in Glasgow can enhance their experience by exploring several nearby attractions, each offering its own unique glimpse into the area’s rich culture, history, and natural beauty. Here are some attractions close to the Burrell Collection that are worth visiting:

    Pollok Country Park
    The Burrell Collection is set within the expansive grounds of Pollok Country Park, Glasgow’s largest park. The park is a perfect place for walking, cycling, and horse riding. It also features the Pollok House, a grand country house built in the 18th century, which is open to the public and known for its impressive Spanish art collection, period furnishings, and beautiful gardens.

    House for an Art Lover
    Designed by the famous Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the House for an Art Lover is situated in Bellahouston Park, a short drive from the Burrell Collection. It combines art, architecture, and design in one unique setting, offering a fascinating insight into Mackintosh’s creative genius.

    Glasgow Science Centre
    Located on the south bank of the River Clyde, the Glasgow Science Centre is a short drive from the Burrell Collection. It is a great family destination, featuring hundreds of interactive exhibits, a planetarium, and the Glasgow Tower, offering panoramic views of the city.

    Riverside Museum and The Tall Ship
    The Riverside Museum, Glasgow’s award-winning transport museum, and The Tall Ship, the Glenlee, are located at the city’s harbour. A short drive from the Burrell Collection, these attractions offer insights into Glasgow’s maritime history, with exhibits ranging from vintage cars and trams to bicycles and ships.

    Scotland Street School Museum
    Designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the Scotland Street School Museum is a short drive from the Burrell Collection and offers a glimpse into the history of education in Scotland. Visitors can explore classrooms from different eras, making it an educational experience for all ages.

    Glasgow Botanic Gardens
    Situated in the West End of Glasgow, the Glasgow Botanic Gardens are a bit further afield but worth the visit. The gardens are home to a variety of plant collections, glasshouses, and the Kibble Palace, a large wrought iron framed glasshouse, featuring temperate plants from around the world.

    Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
    Also located in the West End, near the University of Glasgow, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum houses one of Europe’s great art collections. It is a magnificent Victorian building with 22 galleries, displaying an astonishing variety of exhibits, from art to animals.

    Hampden Park
    For sports enthusiasts, Hampden Park, Scotland’s national stadium and the home of Scottish football, is located relatively close to the Burrell Collection. It offers stadium tours and houses the Scottish Football Museum.

    These attractions, ranging from parks and museums to architectural marvels, provide a comprehensive experience of Glasgow’s cultural, historical, and natural offerings, making the area surrounding the Burrell Collection a rich and varied destination for visitors.

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