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Trebah Garden

Location: Falmouth
Region: South West

Postcode: TR11 5JZ

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Trebah Garden in Cornwall is a mesmerizing 26-acre sub-tropical haven, rich in history and natural beauty. Explore vibrant plant life, tranquil footpaths, and discover the captivating legacy of this renowned UK garden.

Visitor Information: Trebah Garden

  • Trebah Garden

    Nestled in the heart of Cornwall, the Trebah Garden is more than just a green space; it’s an enchanting journey that transports visitors through time and across continents. This 26-acre sub-tropical ravine garden offers a diverse range of flora, a rich history, and stunning views that make it a must-visit spot in the UK.

    A Flourishing Oasis: From the moment you step into Trebah Garden, you are enveloped in a world bursting with colour and life. Over four miles of footpaths snake their way through massive plantings of palms, tree ferns, and giant gunnera, making every turn an adventure of discovery. As you wander deeper into the garden, the plant species evolve, echoing the garden’s unique microclimate that allows both temperate and subtropical species to thrive side by side.

    History in the Foliage: Trebah’s history dates back thousands of years but came into its own in the 19th century when Sir Charles Fox took ownership. His love for plants and visionary approach turned Trebah into a horticultural masterpiece. Through successive owners and world wars, Trebah has seen its highs and lows. After decades of neglect post-WWII, Tony and Eira Hibbert purchased the garden in 1981, embarking on a massive restoration project. Their dedication is evident today, as visitors can once again experience the garden’s former glory.

    The Beach and Beyond: Trebah isn’t just about plants. At the garden’s foot, the serene Helford River beckons visitors to the private beach – Polgwidden Cove. This beach, not only offers a place of tranquillity but also whispers stories of WWII, when it served as a departure point for the D-Day landings.

    Year-Round Beauty: No matter when you choose to visit, Trebah Garden offers something special. The spring welcomes a burst of bluebells and wild garlic, summer sees the hydrangea valley come alive, autumn brings fiery hues throughout, and even in winter, the garden retains its magic with starkly beautiful silhouettes against the Cornish sky.

    Trebah Garden, with its deep historical roots and vibrant plant life, serves as a testament to the indomitable spirit of nature and human dedication. A visit here is not just a walk through a garden, but an immersive experience that touches the soul and reminds us of the enduring beauty in our world. Whether you’re a horticultural enthusiast or simply looking for a serene escape, Trebah Garden in Cornwall awaits with open arms.

  • Highlights
    Not to be missed when visiting

    Subtropical Flora: Over four miles of footpaths meander through lush plantings of palms, tree ferns, and the towering gunnera.

    Historic Legacy: Established by Sir Charles Fox in the 19th century, the garden has witnessed various epochs.

    Polgwidden Cove: A serene private beach at the garden’s foot, historically significant for its role in the D-Day landings during WWII.

    Hydrangea Valley: A summer spectacle when this section of the garden bursts into brilliant blues and pinks.

    Seasonal Displays: From spring bluebells to autumnal hues, Trebah offers year-round visual delights.

    Helford River Views: Enjoy breathtaking vistas of the tranquil river from various points in the garden.

    Restoration Story: Learn about the garden’s revival after WWII by the dedicated Hibbert family.

    Interactive Activities: The garden frequently hosts events, workshops, and children’s activities, making it engaging for all ages.

    On-site Café: Relish locally-sourced Cornish delicacies at the Trebah Kitchen.

    Eco-friendly Approach: The garden emphasizes sustainable practices, conservation, and promoting local biodiversity.


  • What is the history behind Trebah Garden?

    Trebah Garden was developed by Sir Charles Fox in the 19th century and has been nurtured by various dedicated owners since, with a significant restoration post-WWII by the Hibbert family.

  • How long does it take to explore the entire garden?

    On average, visitors spend between 2 to 4 hours exploring Trebah Garden, though one can easily spend a whole day enjoying the tranquillity and features.

  • Is the garden accessible for wheelchair users?

    While many paths are accessible, some areas of the garden have steeper terrains. There are, however, specific routes suggested for those with limited mobility.

  • Can we swim at Polgwidden Cove?

    Yes, the cove is safe for swimming, and it’s a delightful spot during the summer months.

  • What is the best time to visit for flower blooms?

    While the garden offers year-round beauty, spring showcases the bluebells, while summer is perfect for the hydrangea valley.

  • Is parking available?

    Yes, there’s a free car park available for visitors.

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