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Buckingham Palace, the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II and the most iconic building of the British monarchy, is one of the top tourist attractions in the United Kingdom.

Visiting Buckingham Palace has a place on many travel bucket lists and remains one of the most visited places across the country.

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If you loved the glamour of Netflix’s The Crown or just want a peek into the working building that has housed British monarchs since the 1700s, visiting Buckingham Palace is the perfect activity for a day in the UK’s capital city.

What to see.
There are 19 official staterooms designated for tours in Buckingham Palace, though certain tours only run at certain times of the year, so it’s important to check what’s open before you travel. The palace is home to thousands of unique pieces of art, furniture and antiques and some of the rooms are so iconic, they’re not to be missed.

Witness the daily Changing of The Guard, which takes place at 11am every day (except Thursdays), one of the oldest traditions to take place at the palace. The old guard is replaced by a new guard who keeps watch over the palace. You can see the famous red military coats and black hats that the guards wear and can even have your picture taken with one of them! The Guards are under strict orders to stay completely still, but many don’t mind snapping a quick selfie with some tourists.

Inside the palace, make sure to take a visit to the Throne Room, where you can see the official thrones used by the Queen and Prince Philip as well as the preserved thrones used by Queen Victoria and King George VI. It was also the location for the wedding photographs of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Then see the wonder of The Ballroom, the biggest stately room in the entire palace. Constructed in 1855, the ballroom is most commonly used for state banquets – particularly when the Queen receives international visitors – or grand ceremonies.

Buy Tickets Now for Buckingham Palace

Buy Tickets Now for Buckingham Palace

A Brief History of Buckingham Palace

The Palace was bought officially in 1761 by King George III as a house for his wife, Queen Charlotte and would not be delegated the official royal residence until 1837 under the reign of Queen Victoria.
The home, which was transformed into a grand palace, today receives millions of visitors, from tourists to foreign heads of state to members of the British public who have made contributions to philanthropy or popular culture.

The palace was modernised as the world entered the 20th century and was a significant target for bombing during World War One and Two.
Now, the building not only houses the Queen and Prince Philip but is also the home of the Duke of York and the Countess of Wessex, and the offices of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the Princess Royal.

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Getting to Buckingham Palace

When should I visit?
The palace is generally open to visitors all year round, but certain periods will be more popular than others, particularly during the summer holidays and school breaks.
Consult the official website for when certain rooms will be open and get the full experience of the grand estate.
Check availability and book your Buckingham Palace tickets today.

The nearest Tube Stations to Buckingham Palace are Hyde Park Corner on the Piccadilly line. Victoria on the Victoria line and Green Park on both Victoria and Piccadilly line.

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