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Possibly the most famous fantasy novels in the world, the Harry Potter series written by author JK Rowling has been massively popular with readers of all ages.

With its immense success as a novel, it was little wonder that a film series would follow.

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Harry Potter Studio Tour

In 2001 the first film was released, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Filmed in Leavesden studios and other historical buildings around Great Britain. It is here at Leavesden studios also known as Warner Bros studios that you can visit the Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Every one of the eight Harry Potter movies was filmed in the Warner Bros studios in Leavesden. Located just North of Watford and around a 50-minute drive from central London the studio tour is an exciting and wonderful day out for Harry Potter fans.

Your tour will take you through a wizard’s wonderland of amazing sets used in the films, original costumes and much more. Don’t miss jumping onboard the Hogwarts Express, gazing around the Great Hall, strolling down Diagon Alley, or foraging in the forbidden forest.

The special effects experience is a must see as it gives an insight into the clever wizardry created by the production team.
Please book tickets for Harry Potter Studio Tour online.

You can expect the tour to take around 3-4 hours and meander at your leisure or take advantage of one of the guided tours available.

Studio Tour Tickets from London

London Walking Tour Tickets

Studio Tour Tickets from London London Walking Tour Tickets

Harry Potter Walking Tour

Harry Potter Film Locations Tour in London

While the Harry Potter film series made use of many locations across its native UK, easily the highest concentration of them are to be found in London.

You can visit the ‘actual’ Platform 9 3/4 in the city’s King’s Cross Station, Gringotts Bank at the stunning Australian Embassy and the Sir John Soanes Musem, a stand-in for 12 Grimmauld Place.
A trip to Leadenhall market on Gracechurch Street will allow you to see the Leaky Cauldron and take a walk down the real Diagon Alley.

Take a visit to the Millennium bridge to see if it is still actually standing and not really destroyed by the Death Eaters.
Please book tickets for Harry Potter london walking tour online.

Your guide will be entertaining and informative and a Harry Potter expert. You will also learn lots of interesting facts and history about London as you go. The tour takes under 3 hours.

Getting to the Harry Potter Experience:

Situated 20 miles north of London, there are many tours that will take you out to the Warner Bros studios from London. However, if you want to make your own way the M25 and M1 are less than 3 miles away with free parking onsite.
Watford junction is the closet Train station with a regular bus service from the station.

For SATNAV: Harry Potter Experience: Studio Tour Dr, Leavesden, Watford WD25 7LR, UK

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