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With its iconic 365ft high dome designed by Sir Christopher Wren
St Pauls Cathedral dominates London’s horizon

The bishop of London and St Pauls have held many famous historic services including the funerals of Admiral Nelson and Winston Churchill and the Marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana

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Explore St Pauls Cathedral
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What to see.
There is plenty to explore Inside the stunning cathedral. There are numerous chapels, Wellington’s monument and even a crypt underground. Walk in the historic footsteps of Prince Charles and Lady Diana towards the nave. Scale the 528 steps to the golden gallery situated in the dome and you will have a stunning bird’s eye view of London.

Marvel at the magnificent architecture of St Pauls Cathedral, the English baroque style building was designed by architect sir Christopher wren, and it is said the dome was inspired by the dome at the St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican designed by Michelangelo.

Learn about 3 historical Britain’s who are buried in the crypt underneath St Pauls. The tombs of Sir Christopher Wren, Lord Nelson (Horatio) who died in the battle of Trafalgar and the Duke of Wellington aka ‘the iron duke’.

Explore the various Chapels situated inside St Pauls Cathedral. There are 7 Chapels inside St Pauls. St Dunstan's Chapel is the oldest chapel after being made hallow in 1699. The American Memorial Chapel had to be restored after the blitz in WW2. This chapel is dedicated to the USA servicemen and women who died in WW2.

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Historic St Pauls Cathedral

Situated on the highest ground in London Ludgate hill, St Pauls has a rich history dating back to 604 AD. The old cathedral was completely ruined in the great fire of London in 1666. The current St Pauls started to be built in 1675 and was finished in 1710 under the guidance and watchful eye of Christopher Wren.

St Pauls is open for visitors Monday to Saturday.
12-4:30pm Mon – Fri.
10-4:30pm Saturday.
The closest tube station is St Pauls on the central line, only a couple of minutes’ walk away from the entrance. Alternatively, Mansion House and Blackfriars on the district and circle lines are nearby as well.

For SATNAV: St Paul's Cathedral, St Paul's Churchyard, London, EC4M 8AD

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